Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Jethro showed up. I haven't seen that dude in forever. While I'm not particularly partial to him, Ian likes taking long walks with him which I do like. Tonight we took an epic journey through Golden Gate Park through the rain which was ton of fun. I'd go off into the wilderness and then just catch up to them when they looked on the verge of panic. Super fun. Plus this afternoon Celeste took me for a walk we which cool cuz I though she didn't like me and was just being nice. Go figure.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Welcome Back!

Holy crap Jay is freaking Rocking! Seriously. I should just start a list but I'm totally breathless. He took me to Alamo Square Park and down to Duboce too, which was cool cuz I got to see some of the old crew (I miss them!). Also I have to take these nasty ass Gyco-nasty-omine tablets and they are so GROSS! So check this, Jay buys me these snacks that already have the medication in them! Of course Ian forgets to take them with him when he picks me up, duh! Also Jay bought me one of those chucking sticks, you know the one that a ball clamps on the end of? Totally cool. Plus he bought these fish treats that, seriously, I was not all about. I mean snacks made out of fish? Who's bright idea was that? But I tried them and they were good! He got me the good grub like mom buys, no kibble crap.He let we walk off leash to the park and back. I could go on on on but in summary, four days of fun. I wanna hang out with that dude more. Very hip, very cooool.

Ian picked up around 8 or something and we went back to his place which was abandoned-like. A quick stop at the park and then off to bed.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Bye Bye and Hello!

So check it, I'm at Seven Apart right now using Jay's terminal so this is going to be quick. Ian is jetting dwon to LA for a couple days with Pico, Venus and Karma. Mom arranged to have me dropped off with Jay for the weekend and I guess he was in a meeting when Ian showed up so Ian just threw down my sleeping bag and tied me down to Jay's desk! I'm not and animal, Pinky! I don't think I'm going to be able to use the 'puter at Jay's place but When I get back I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Who let the dogs out?

No seriously, there were like 20 dogs at the part this morning, which is crazy cuz lately it's been one or two and they are usually just passing through. Today there was a grip out, just like the Dolores Park days. I should have taken it more easy cuz the old war wound starting acting up. Lucky was there which was cool and a black Poodle just like what’s here name. And of course the cream-de-la-cream, a pit named Chica. SO MUCH FUN.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Little doggies

This morning there were these two tiny lil'dogs at the park, a Pug ("Look ma, both eyes!") and a toy Jack Russell. And they were all like, "Catch me if you can", so I chased their butts down like Custard at Little Big Horn and knocked them to the ground. Over and over. Silly Lilliputians, even a gimp like me can show you up.

Celeste (Ian's roommate) and me played with the tire at home for while. That chick is a ton of fun when she is buzzed.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Holy crap, this morning we went down to the park and it just started pouring I thought for sure Ian was going to chicken out on me but he seemed resigned to the rain. Personally I'm of the mind that you can only get so wet. But it did take two towels to dry off.

By the afternoon the rain had chilled out so we cruised down there. But right when we got back is started storming, lightening and thunder and everything. Some how it chilled out long enough for a quick trip out again in the evening but then started raining on the way back.

Anyway all fantastic stormy day.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Home Early

Ian came home early which was cool cuz I was getting bored of of my mind! All he reads is SFI crap so there was nothing to read, no TV, totally lame. But he showed up at like two in the afternoon and then we just went for a cruise to check out the hood, which was cool. I met some one of his roommates and one of their skeazy boyfriend and I totally got busted when I started giving him lip. A time out, can you believe it? Like I'm four or something! Anyway I just chilled on the guy once they let me back out solitary.

After that I pretty much chilled till evening when we went to the park where there were plenty of cool dogs to hang with. We spent a while there which was fun. Anyway we get home and I’m all stoked cuz dad washed my sleeping bag and had some slim jims for me but the he makes me take a bath. So lame!!! It’s not like I have a problem with hygiene I just hate it when peopl MAKE me do it. God, when will they treat me like an adult (“When I act like one” blahblahblah).

So anyway at least I got to climb into my warm toasty blanket. That was cool. Dinner was the same old same old. Anyway I’m tired so I’m off to bed. The weekend is here!

Day Uno

We got up super early this morning, I mean still dark out-like, and freezing. We went down to the park again to see who the hell could be up this early and there was bunches of dawgs. But what was weird is everyone was calling me Lucky. And I was like, “Yea I am lucky to have a body like this, yo!”. But it turns out there was this other dog who looked exactly like me, same style hair and everything. Super crazy, Ian was all like, “I wonder if they are related”. Anyway she was a little more hefty (who isn’t? Ha!) And has weird floppy ears but other than that the resemblance was uncanny.

Ian dropped me off, there me a delicious pill along with some benadryl (yech!) And made me breakfast before splitting for work. Nap time!